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January 12, 2014
Amarillo Civic Center
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Why Attend?

Now that your engaged, you want to work towards that magical day you have dreamed about. You had no idea of all the STRESS that came with the planning though!

The wedding must have various businesses involved and you need to meet with all of them to put the pieces of your wedding together. In those hectic days leading up to your wedding, you’ll be struggling to fit it all in.

High Plains Weddings can help by bringing the best of the best wedding vendors together in one place to save you time and most of all relieve some of the stress.

Since your fiance will be an important part of the wedding, bring them for their opinion. Family members, wedding party members and friends can also be a great asset in assisting you to plan from all the choices you will see at the show. The extra help can collect information, provide their input and direct you in your decision-making.

What Should I Expect?

There will be a large room filled with booths of businesses that are engaged in the wedding industry trying to impress you with their goods and services. It is a golden opportunity for you to take advantage of having the people you will need to assist you in your wedding. There will be several booths of the same type services such as photographers, reception places, florists, etc. and your quest is to find the right one to fit your budget along with filling your need for the special day. You will need time to meet with the vendors, pick up literature about their services, sample food items and see if they are available on your wedding day. It will be a long day, so wear comfortable shoes and pace yourself. Be prepared to wear a "Bride-to Be" sticker or flower to point out to the vendors that you are the special person whom they should be directing their attention to.

There will be a silent auction of wonderful gifts to bid on. Like all auctions, you are able to get great values since the items usually sell for less than the face value. The show merchants donate gifts and all proceeds of the silent auction go toa local charity, Advo Companies, Inc.. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

How To Prepare

A few simple tasks can save you time and effort at wedding shows. Be prepared to wait in line to sign up for items, whether it might be give away by a company or the large grand prize. Bring preprinted self-adhesive labels if your have them to save time in printing your name and address many times.

Bring a pen and print clearly when registering for anything. Since there will be numerous other brides wanting to talk with the same vendor, set up an appointment with the business to have more time to ask your questions and see more of what they have to offer. Having your wedding planner would help in setting up your appointments.

Bring your checkbook if you want to actually book any services, or to hold dates with a deposit. Many vendors offer special if you book with them during the Show. Be sure to check on refund policies before giving any money and read the contract carefully before signing.

Wedding shows are exciting and tiring. You are able to see things you were not expecting and also add new ideas for your special day. Most of all, you leave with a bag full of information to go through at home and great ideas for merchants to add to your wedding dreams.

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